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If you’re new here, let me explain a little bit more about Kyrie.

What Is Kyrie? Kyrie helps podcasters create and engage their audience. As soon as they release a new episode, Kyrie posts to social media and invite listeners to discuss on the Kyrie platform. Kyrie also provides detailed analytics and engagement tools.

Why Kyrie? If you’re looking to start a podcast today, there’s not much support after you post an episode. Kyrie is here for you, podcasters, to help you grow and engage your podcast audience.

What is this blog? We want to use this blog to help podcasters, both new and seasoned alike. We’ve called it The Podcast Connection, because we want podcasters to build that strong connection with listeners. Through this platform, we will share useful tips on how to start a successful podcast. Along the way, look out for some posts on behind-the-scenes at Kyrie!

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